Seeking a path out of crime and poverty for the youngest and most vulnerable of the Honduran population.

Mission Statement

Friends of Honduras USA is a non-profit organization established in 2009 for the purposes of providing advocacy for the victims of poverty and abuse in Honduras, promoting democracy, and facilitating trustworthy communication.  Honduras is a Central American country with a long pro-US history and an active network of dedicated individuals and organizations committed to the continuation of this alliance.


The organization’s first goal is to improve conditions for primary education by building, refurbishing, and/or supplying needy schools in remote villages.  This venture is a critical first step toward giving the country’s children and generations to come the knowledge and the tools for building a democratic and economically viable nation.  Accomplishing this goal relies on grass-roots participation that will not only contribute importantly to local economies but provide the metrics required by potential sponsors.  Details are outlined in Friends of Honduras USA Project for School Renovation.