Seeking a path out of crime and poverty for the youngest and most vulnerable of the Honduran population.

Board Member

Mr. Zoll is the Vice President and General Manager of Agregados del Caribe (AGRECASA). Mr. Zoll graduated from Kennedy Western University with a degree in Business. He has lived and worked in Honduras for the past seven years.  Mr. Zoll's active involvement in local, national, and international issues allows him a broad understanding of the challenges faced by the people of Honduras. He is involved in community activities in the Puerto Cortes area where he administers a compensation program that was created by AGRECASA to assist the local communities with basic needs.  Specifically, Mr. Zoll has provided resources for handicapped children from the local area, assisted local schools, and created training programs to assist area women in starting small businesses.   He has committed significant time and financial resources in support of the goals of Friends of Honduras USA, and his professional contacts as the result of his respected position in the community, have led to considerable positive visibility for the organization.